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Welcome to a ​whole ​new world of Bidding​ experience​.
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You may find these ​information very helpful!

  1. Click "My Account"
  2. Click "Purchase Bids"
  3. Choose from different packages
  4. Choose "Junior" if you wish to redeem the Paradise Pass given to you
  5. Input quantity, eg. 14
  6. Input price or to acquire all Paradise Pass
  7. Double confirm all the amount before you click "Checkout"
  8. 14 bids have been injected into your account

  1. Go to our Advertisement page
  2. Click into and watch an advertisement
  3. There are 3 questions ​to answer with each ad, ​and you will earn 2 bids each for picking the correct ​answer
  4. The higher your ​rank, the higher the daily limit of possible bids ​you can earn.

How to claim your trophy/ies Claim online:
  1. Please go buy for yourself
  2. Email to us the followings at with subject: “Auction ID 、Auction Winner & Product”
    1. User Name
    2. Auction ID
    3. Model Name of Product
    4. Full name & ID no.
    5. Printed Receipt (Auction ID and Username on it)
    6. A photo of you presenting your trophy
- Company shall inject「Suggest HK retail」minus「Current Price」x 7.75 into your user wallet after 10 working days.
*The balance in your user wallet can be used to purchase bids, and also to be sent to your bank account once we opened the bank wiring channel.

Claim ​at HK headquarter​s​:- (F​​or our advertis​ed​ ​product​s​ only​)
- ​Come ​register ​a​t​ our office ​14 days later ​along with ​cash -「Current Price」x 7.75
- ​Fill ​in an application form and present your ID
- Produce authorisation letter with ID copy if you authoris​e​ ​a third person to claim​ on yur behalf.​
- ​No upgrad​ing​ nor chang​ing to other products​ accepted​.
- Advance notice​ will be given​ if related products ​run out of stock​/discontinue.​

Address: Flat A, 7/F, United Daily News Centre, 21 Yuk Yat Street, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, HK